Simple and Affordable Ways to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

In the summer, temperatures tend to be extremely hot. This can make your home uncomfortable throughout the season. Most of the homeowners opt for air conditioning systems, which are way too expensive to run due to high energy costs. So, it is good to look for alternative ways that will not make you break the bank. Outlined in this article are some easy and affordable ways to keep your home cool in summer heat.

First of all, you have to install solar film onto your windows. This is equivalent to tinting your car windows. A solar film is going to darken your windows so that very little heat penetrates through. Apart from the provision of a cooling effect to your home, tinting will add value to your property.

Secondly, you can cover your windows with a reflective material. You can overcome heat by reflecting it away from your home. The shiny windshield sun covers used in cars can also work pretty well in house windows. Consider covering your windows with well-sized sheets of tinfoil to help reflect heat away.

Thirdly, you may consider using thick curtains or blinds that are light in color. These ones will block out the incoming heat. It is advisable to keep the blinds or curtains closed all day long if at all you want them to be more effective.

Again, consider painting your roof white. Although this option is a bit labor-intensive, allowing the roof to reflect heat can actually be efficient at keeping your home cool in the summer.

Also, consider sealing all air leaks. Just the same way you do not want warm air to escape from your house, you do not want cool air to get away too in the summer. So, you have to seal up any cracks around the edges of doors and windows. This is effective in minimizing the loss of cool air.

Still, you can install newer insulation. This is going to prevent cool air from escaping from your house. A good insulation will automatically raise the resale value of your home. So, ensure you get the most appropriate home insulation material that is appropriate for the climate in your area.

In addition, hanging white towels over your windows can also work miracles. This is a cheap and easy way to reflect heat away from your windows. You can use the curtain rod to hold the towels in place. This will make it easy for you to remove and wash the towels whenever they get dirty.

Opening doors and windows at night is also another great way to cool your home in the summer. When the sun goes down, you have to release the warm air that might have accumulated during the hot daytime. Opening the doors and windows will allow in the cool night breeze.

Avoid using large appliances during the day. This is to avoid generating more heat indoors. So, do not use clothes washers, dishwashers, dryers and other huge appliances during the day. This will assist in keeping your rooms cool. But it is okay to use your refrigerator since it does not emit heat.

Planting trees on the sunniest side of your house is another great option. Note that trees provide shade for your home during a hot day. So, planting plenty of them where the sun shines the most can help reduce heat transfer into your house.

The above simple and affordable ways can actually keep your home cool in the summer. Other inexpensive ways not discussed here include replacing incandescent light bulbs, building your own personal AC unit, and covering your outdoor AC appliance in shade.



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