Make Your Porch Pretty

Here are a few front porch decorating ideas to get you through the summer

Outdoor entertainment areas are summertime sanctuaries. Patios and porches are just extensions of your home, therefore, they should be just as comfortable. From décor, to seating, to adding personal touches, there are many things you can do to utilize the additional square footage, plus decorated front porches are more inviting.  Enjoy your times outdoors more with these tips to make your porch pretty.

Start with Furniture

The best way to spruce up your porch is to add comfortable seating. It brings a homey feel and makes it functional for enjoying time outdoors. Popular pieces of porch furniture include swings, rocking chairs, and benches, plus surfaces like coffee and end tables. Determine what works for your space by taking into consideration how much room you have and how many people you’d like to sit. Larger porches benefit from seating that’s more easily rearranged while small porches can only handle about one or two pieces of furniture. Don’t be afraid to select a color or pattern that coordinates with your home and top it off with outdoor decorative throw pillows to pile on the pretty.

Add Front Porch Landscaping

Flowers and plants are commonly used to accentuate a home’s exterior and it’s no different for drawing attention to an inviting front porch. Landscaping adds curb appeal and makes your home look manicured and well kept. Add flowers that color coordinate with your furniture and pillows. Hydrangeas, ferns, petunias, and lavender are beautiful and do well on or in front of your porch. Try placing them in large decorative planters next to your steps or doorway to create a grand entrance. Add a wow factor with the thriller, filler, spiller method. First, choose a thriller plant that grows tall and upright. Then, find a filler to cover the gaps and spread out in the pot. Lastly, select a spiller plant that grows down and over the edges of the container. This simple concept adds a whimsical feel to your porch and allows you to experiment with color combinations.

Set the Mood with Lighting

From an overhead lamp to delicate string lights, porch lighting sets the mood for many evenings spent outside. Plus, the fixture can add to the décor trend you’re striving for, like vintage or modern. Don’t forget to consider alternative options that don’t burn electricity and help keep costs down, like fire or solar lamps. Your local hardware store will offer a variety options to choose from, but you’ll want to select a style and finish that matches the exterior of your home and the additions you’ve already made with furniture and landscaping. Angie’s List has a great article about selecting and installing porch lights. Just remember, if the light is too bright or too dark it’s no longer ambient or functional.

Top it off With Personal Touches

What’s the best way to pretty up your space? Add things that are special to you and your family. These personal touches are not only decorative, but they make time spent on your porch more meaningful. Start small by adding a welcome sign or mat that has been customized with your family’s last name or initials. Then, work your way up to bigger changes if you want more of an impact. For example, try painting the front door in your favorite color. Another great way to personalize your porch is by adding a wreath to the front door. Once you’ve found or made the perfect wreath, finish it off by incorporating your initials or address numbers into it.

Don’t stop with these ideas. Your front porch décor is what you make it. Now is the best time to visit lawn and garden and hardware stores to find all the latest outdoor furniture.



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