Gutter Brush – Should I Buy One?

If your home contains a gutter system, then you likely know the frustration of keeping the gutters clean and free of debris. A buildup of leaves, branches, and even insects can quickly render your gutter useless and prevent rainwater from passing through.

Gutters are vital for homes in areas where frequent rain can cause lasting damage. Gutters transport water away from the base of the home, preventing flooding and moisture damage. Without a gutter system in place, excessive rainwater could ruin your home’s foundation and lead to expensive repair bills.

Despite being an inexpensive, straightforward home product, gutters can be pesky to maintain. They need to be cleaned at least twice a year, and repaired when they begin to sag or fall away from the house. Gutters can also develop holes, which need to be repaired quickly to keep them functioning.

There are specialists who can be paid to come service and clean your gutter system, but the high cost hardly justifies the actual work being done. Most gutter repairs can be done with items that you already have in your house, and cleaning can even be done by hand (as long as you’re willing to use a ladder). You can also purchase gutter guards or grates that fit over the gutter to help prevent debris from entering the gutter, but more installation is required. And while grates are inexpensive additions, they don’t stop smaller pieces of leaves and branches from making their way into the gutter.

A different option that is gaining popularity is the gutter brush. It’s a bottle brush that can be inserted into the gutter system to allow only rainwater to pass through. But should you buy one?

Gutter brushes eliminate the need for frequent gutter cleaning because they keep objects and debris out of the gutter passageway. They keep water flowing smoothly and can also prevent icicles in the winter months. The classic gutter brush comes in a variety of sizes to fit almost any gutter dimensions.

Gutter brushes are more cost effective than paying a professional to come clean your gutters, and they require less effort than cleaning the gutters yourself. They are easier to install than a gutter grate, and they don’t change the appearance of your house or rooftop.

A gutter brush is a good idea if you find that your gutters get clogged frequently, or you have to clean them more than twice a year. If you live in a wooded area and you find a lot of leaves and branches in your gutter system, then a gutter brush is a good preventative measure. Lastly, if you’ve tried other products in the past, and found them to be ineffective, the gutter brush just might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

The other good news is that a gutter brush requires no difficult instructions or arduous installation. Simply slide the brush into your gutter, and voila! You can read more about the gutter brush product here: to decide if it is right for you.


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