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Garden Gadgets as Gifts

Garden gadgets will make a wonderful Christmas for all your gardening friends. Those not now interested in gardening might be converted with a few attractive plants and one or two gadgets required for their upkeep. At least you will have a lot of fun selecting these gifts for the gardener.

Every gardener needs a good sprayer and this gift should rank high on your list. Years ago spraying was considered an unattractive job. But with a modern sprayer the water pressure does all the work. A small amount of concentrated material is placed in the sprayer jar; the jar is then attached to the end of a garden hose. When the water is turned on the proper amount of concentrate is automatically mixed with the water and siphoned out the end of the hose. With this type of sprayer you can practically control the bugs in your garden by sitting in an armchair and directing the spray where desired. This sprayer will make a wonderful gift.

The lazy gardener is often too lazy – he calls it being busy – to water his own lawn. The best present for this fellow is a spike or rotary sprinkler. It attaches onto the hose and a twist of the water faucet does the job. Meanwhile your lazy friend can read his favorite magazine.

Soil soakers are also invaluable for soaking the lawn, flower beds and plants in general. This gadget is simply a porous canvas hose that allows the water to seep through slowly. Thus the soil gets a real soaking, the best possible kind of irrigation.

garden gadgets

The joy of having a soil soaker is that you can water even on a windy day. There is no spray to be blown over to your neighbor’s garden. This item is available in several different sizes. You can let the size of your friend’s garden or the thickness of your pocketback be the deciding factor.

A Bermuda grass rake is another splendid item. Most Southlanders look with disgust upon Bermuda grass, less affectionately known as devil grass. From time to time the runners must be pulled out or they will build up a tremendous carpet that is difficult to mow. For this purpose a Bermuda grass rake will prove most desirable.

Plastic watering cans combine beauty with practicality. They do not spring leaks, are light and easy to handle and are available in a wide range of colors. The price is nominal, yet the plastic watering can will last for many years.

plastic watering cans

Aluminum identification tags for plants are also a possibility. The name of the plant is written by making an imprint that never comes out. Several dozen of these should please the serious gardener.

Plastic water hoses are now sold by all garden supply stores in red, green and amber shades. A 50-foot piece of this type of hose weighs only a few pounds. It is guaranteed for as long as five years. This kind of watering equipment is easy to use, causing no strain on the gardener.

Hyacinth sets packed in gift form are also being featured this year. The outer package is beautifully colored find contains one large hyacinth bulb, one hyacinth glass, a paper cone for keeping out the light and a small package of charcoal to prevent souring of the water.


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