Look Good At Home: Your Home Should Compliment Your Style



I’m about to tackle a home painting project, which has brought a key interior decorating point to mind. I moved into a home that had a previous owner who wasn’t afraid of color, which is fabulous. I love to see people experiment with color, whether it’s a wall or a couch or even just something simple like candles and one stand out accessory.

I truly feel that color is fabulous and if done correctly you want to just melt into the environment. Conversely if done poorly, a poor color choice can leave you with a headache. And this brings us to my bathroom. The color is beyond horrible. I can see what she was going for: the floor was tiled with a beautiful gray and deep peach marbled tile. Obviously she wanted to stick to her commitment to deep and shocking colors and chose the darkest, brightest color for the walls. I haven’t checked my paint deck but it can best be described as a really saturated peachy orange.

Now, I have no doubt that when the paint chip was held up against a tile it looked fabulous. But on the walls it’s frightening. And when I’m facing myself in the mirror every morning with an orange glow bouncing off my face it gets even scarier.

The first lesson to be learned from the previous owner’s mistake is what looks good on a tiny chip may not look great all over your walls (did I mention the ceiling is painted too?). It’s hard to imagine what the final effect will be but you’re going to have to try and picture it before you begin painting. The good news for me is the bathroom is a small area and repainting it won’t take long at all.

Remember that you can make painting mistakes because it’s just paint. If you don’t like it you can paint over it and it’s a relatively inexpensive decorating touch. Also some paint companies are coming out with tester pots so you can buy a small sample of the paint, slap it on your wall and get a better idea of what your finished product will look like.

The second lesson is a very important one but isn’t something people talk about often. The key to a really great interior decorating scheme is finding one that complements you. Not just your taste or personal style but your appearance. I have red hair and very pale skin – the orangey peach color creates such an unattractive glow on my skin that I could never look good in that room. My living room is a fabulous green color that looks great with my hair and skin color and brings out the green in my eyes. Sure it sounds a little self absorbed, but I know I look better in my living room than my bathroom and I’d rather guests saw me in a room that makes me look good rather than a room that makes me look like an oompa loompa.

Having a home that complements you actually reaches deeper than the surface. There are psychological benefits to living somewhere that makes you look good, it’s like pulling on those skinny jeans and feeling that sense of confidence every time you’re home. And shouldn’t every home fit its owner like a pair of well-loved jeans?


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